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With LED lighting presenting such a low-cost and flexible alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lighting, you can afford to be a bit creative and extravagant in outdoor lighting schemes for your home.

Outdoor lighting used to present a challenge to the home DIYer. You wanted to cover as much area with as much as light as possible. This meant that you were usually restricted by cost from becoming creative in the application of lighting. You usually had to settle for spotlights and floodlights on poles for all your exterior lighting applications.


The Creativity that LED Lighting Provides

The invention and proliferation of LED lighting have changed outdoor lighting from a chore to be accomplished as inexpensively as possible, to a creative expression in light and shadow.

With the wide range of lamps, lighting fixtures, sensors and controllers available to the homeowner, designing an exterior lighting plan is often the fun part of re-landscaping your yard or garden.


Using Light Effectively

By putting some thought into the placement of your outdoor lighting fixtures, you can cover all the bases of safety, security and beauty that exterior lighting provides without going over your budget.

For illuminating stairways, try not to mount overhead lights in the middle of the staircase. The user’s shadow will block the light and may cause them to trip when descending. The same goes for illuminating pathways through gardens. Your pathways will be much more useful and more beautiful if you put rows of low-mounted lights along the path.

For the walls of gardens, you’ll both beautify and add an increased level of security by uplighting the walls. This lighting placement will be hard to see past for intruders climbing your walls and will act as a deterrent. The uplighting will also serve to highlight interesting textures on the walls and provide depth to your garden. 

By using outdoor lighting effectively, you’ll both provide an extra measure of safety and security along with beautifying your home.