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A film or video production takes a lot of coordination and many departments and individuals to complete successfully, depending on the size of your production. 

This complexity is compounded whenever your production is shooting in a foreign country. But using a production service in Thailand can make your overseas shoot in Thailand go as smooth as silk.

Thai production companies and services know exactly what goes into creating a successful film or video production. They have the skill and experience to provide you with all the elements you need to complete your shoot on-time and under-budget.



Image by D Thory from Pixabay


Handling the Details

A production service in Thailand can also handle all the small details that you may not even be aware are necessary. Temporary work permits and shooting permits are necessary for most countries to avoid having your production shut down by the authorities. 

Thailand production services can quickly obtain the necessary permits to allow your production schedule to proceed smoothly.

They can also furnish the necessary elements of film and video production such as cameras, lighting and audio equipment, props, wardrobe and makeup, catering, outdoor locations and indoor sound stages. They can provide you with connections to talent agencies that can supply everyone from actors and presenters to extras.


Assisting with Post-production

Many state-of-the-art, post-production facilities in Thailand may be lower priced than comparable facilities at home. Local production services can connect you with the post-production facility that suits your needs as well as arranging for quality editors and sound mixers.

Contracting with a local production service in Thailand is not just a smart way to run your production. It can also make a world of difference in time and money saved.