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Digital marketing is the combination of marketing, sales and communication strategies that take shape on digital platforms. All the traditional sales strategies that have existed in the “real world” are adapted and taken to the “virtual world” so that a company can succeed and position itself as high as possible in the market it works in.

A fundamental element that has changed the way of doing business is the role played by the customer’s opinion. Thanks to the internet, users widely share what they really think about products online. The perk is that they can also find out what others think as well. This changed the business paradigm ever since as people can share their opinions freely and can be found easily, which can turn into a benefit for marketers. Digital marketing can help marketers to reach certain targets in order to sell specifically to them. To achieve this, it uses social networks to have a direct approach to customers and to understand their needs.


Today, there are technological factors that allow the study of potential customers, and then capture them and most important of all, preserve them over time. Therefore, ignoring digital marketing to do business is a serious mistake with bad consequences. Every company that wants to succeed must adapt to use the new methods. Digital marketing can also provide accurate numbers on how audiences are handled on the internet and on social media.


Digital marketing works with many tools of varying complexity—from the simplest to the most sophisticated—to engage the customer in a friendly way. The most common resources are blogs, websites, email marketing, social networks and positioning strategies in large search engines like Google or Yahoo. 


In short, thanks to digital marketing a company has greater control, correction and effectiveness in its advertising campaign.