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Want to conveniently run payroll yourself with a claim system payroll platform in Thailand? There are many payroll systems available today that make running payroll convenient and fast. Why waste money on an accounting department staff to run your payroll when one person can manage everything at the click of a button?

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Claim system payroll platforms from Thailand vary by product and compatibility. When looking for the appropriate claim system payroll platform you not only want a secure system to store all of your data, but you also want the system to be hassle-free and save you time. There are many claim system payroll choices in Thailand and it is important to compare to see how they each handle these payroll needs:

Statutory Filings
Monthly and year-end statutory filings can be done via online submission. Payroll activities such as ledger postings can integrate into programs like QuickBooks.

Salary Disbursement
Salary payments can be made via direct deposit to banks. Manual cheque writing is no longer the standard.

Regulatory Compliance
Compliance updates should be a complementary part of your subscription and automatically implemented when running payroll. This keeps you from having to keep track of every legislative change.

Data Security
The network should be managed in-house and be private even though it is cloud-based technology. This will ensure higher performance and greater reliability. Also, make sure the data is guarded by ISO certification procedures. and complies with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) guidelines. A dedicated IT support team should be available 24/7. You also want to make sure a regular data back-up schedule will be maintained.

Other product features to compare:
-Ability to create and manage and employee database
-Ability to process multiple pay runs
-Ability to delegate admin rights
-Ability to run from any device any time of the day
-Ability to communicate via a messaging tool or online announcement within the platform